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We save your money, time and energy. We specialize in combining practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. This speed will enable you to better serve your customers and compete more effectively in the market. We have experience building managed, secure, cost-optimised cloud platforms that are fully automated using infrastructure as code and pipelines. Our automated services and delivery pipelines will boost your productivuty. All you have to do is commit your code and we deal the rest.

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Specialized in delivering and deploying applications, we will enable the coordination and collaboration of formerly siloed roles such as development, IT operations, quality engineering and security, to create better performing and more reliable products. Our objectives are to be able to meet developer’s needs, increase confidence in the applications developed, and achieve business objectives more quickly. We use agile software development that helps us build, test, deploy and monitor your applications with speed, quality and control. We rely on an integrated set of solutions, or a toolchain, to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility and scale.



Technology stack is critical to the product success. At Weazel, we carefully choose technologies for each project to meet our clients' highest expectations and business needs. Have a look at what provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tools we use.


Our Services

  • Build

    The build phase of a DevOps pipeline is crucial because it allows developers to detect errors in the code before they make their way down the pipeline and cause a major disaster.

  • Test

    If the build is successful, it moves to the testing phase. There, we run manual and automated tests to validate the integrity of the code further.

  • Deploy

    When the build reaches the Deploy stage, the software is ready to be pushed to production. An automated deployment method is used if the code only needs minor changes. However, if the application has gone through a major overhaul, the build is first deployed to a production-like environment to monitor how the newly added code will behave.

  • Monitor

    At this final stage in the DevOps pipeline, we are hard at work continuously monitoring the infrastructure, systems, and applications to make sure everything is running smoothly. We collect valuable data from logs, analytics, and monitoring systems as well as feedback from users to uncover any performance issues.

  • Scale

    Application scalability is the potential of an application to grow in time, being able to efficiently handle more and more requests per minute (RPM). It’s not just a simple tweak you can turn on/off; it’s a long-time process that touches almost every single item in your stack, including both hardware and software sides of the system.



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